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   You faced the rollercoaster like it was a wild beast waiting to be tamed. You would ride it and be the master. It thrilled you to ride huge, fast things; the sheer rush was enough to make you speed up your pace.

 "Hey! Wait up!"

   ZhouMi tried to keep up with you, which was easy considering he had REALLY long legs. You ran faster and faster, speeding through the ropes until you reached the end of the line to wait.

 "Come ON! I'll go on without you if you don't hurry up!" 

   ZhouMi finally caught up, leaning forward on his knees, panting and laughing. "Good! I don't want to do this."

 "Why not? It'll be fun, but not without you..."

   ZhouMi caught his breath and looked at you suspiciously. "You're just saying that so I'll get on."

 "Is it working?"


   He rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Look at this thing! Its a death trap! I'll stay with you in line, but I'll be waiting for you when you get off, okay?"

   You narrowed your eyes and said nothing. Chickening out? Not today. The gate opened, letting people board the ride. ZhouMi pecked your head quickly before running through to reach the exit. You gripped his sleeve suddenly, tugging and pouting.

 "Mi~ come on...I won't have fun without you, I mean it."

He sighed loudly, gently punching you in the shoulder. He couldn't resist his nickname. "FINE."


   You sat down happy and squirming while ZhouMi reluctantly strapped himself. "Whyyy...I'm so stupid...goodbye world!"

  "Mi, its not that bad!"


   The drop was coming, looming over the edge like a cliff-side view. You could see clear across the park from where you were, and you heard ZhouMi's whimpering more clearly as you were far away from the noise. You offered your hand to his giant one, feeling him grip it tightly. 

 "Ow...OWOWOW MI! Easy!"

The ride suddenly dropped, and your scream morphed into a laugh when you heard ZhouMi's scream. It was the funniest thing you had ever heard, and it was probably the highest you ever heard his voice go. It was no secret that your boyfriend had a strong set of lungs, but this was ridiculous. Tears flowed as you laughed so hard you felt light headed during the loops and corkscrews. ZhouMi just gripped your hand tighter, and the ride ended with both of you gasping for breath for...different reasons.


  "I want you to burn that picture, you hear me?"

 "Nu-uh! I'm keeping it because I paid for it! Besides..."
you reached up and gently pinched his cheeks. "You look so cute, Mi~"  He smiled in embarrassment, his face burning as he gently grasped your hands when he removed them from his face.


   ZhouMi sat on a wall next to you, grimacing at the souvenir photo of you and him. Your faces were complete opposites, one horribly terrified and driven mad with fear, the other hysterical with laughter. "You're twisted to laugh on a ride that's as scary as that, you know. Really twisted." You put your hand over your mouth to hide the stream of giggles, but they came out anyway. You leaned on ZhouMi for support, and he just smiled and rubbed your shoulder.

 "I wasn't laughing at the ride."

 "Then...what were you...?"

 "Figure it out!"
You suddenly broke away and ran into another line, leaving ZhouMi chasing you again.

 "Figure out what? WHAT!? WAIT UP!!!"
- I couldn't resist another one tonight XD I knew it would make someone's night at least ^^'

Yeeees you cannot...CANNOT...deny his scream wasn't freaking hilarious on this ride XD A FULL GROWN MAN had the funniest scream >w< Oh man...


--SJM (c)
hikio-chan Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw man such an evil reader XDD
Japaneko Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Muahahaha XD
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