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   Soohyun leaned over the back of the seat in the tour van, looking at some of his band members and their odd but funny foreign girlfriends. He smiled softly, eyeing their little flirty movements. Kevin and his constant wriggling while Ama just looked at him and rolled her eyes, Eli and Val's poking each other playfully, Kiseop teaching Neko 'Gwiyomi' just so they could laugh and blush. An idea was clicking in Soohyun's head he thought they might like.

   ["Yah, Kevin."]

   ["Neh, Soohyun-hyung?"]

   ["You're done with filming your close-up shots for the MV, right?"]

   ["For now, yeah."]

  ["What about you, Eli?"]

  ["Neh, I am too."]



  ["Good. Well then..."]
Soohyun shrugged nonchalantly. ["Everyone else isn't finished yet. Jun and Hoon and I, we still have to do it. So...why dont you guys arrange some dates? On, like, different days of course."]

  ["Different days?"]
Eli raised a brow questioningly.

   ["Well, yeah. Your days aren't entirely full, but there's still talk shows and photo shoots and all that."] Soohyun sounded like a stern father that's finally letting his kid on a date. ["But I think you guys need a little alone time. Jun told me about the whole...incident thing."] Eli flushed, Kevin and Kiseop glared at the sleeping maknae. Jun was conked out hard, angelic face shrouded in his deep colored hair.

  ["Sound good?"]

  ["Thanks, hyung!"]
They all chimed in together. Soohyun then fell asleep to their excited English chatter as they told their girlfriends of the plan.


   "I'm so excited!!!!!!"


 There was a simultaneous girl shriek of joy as Ama, Val, and Neko bounced excitedly in their seats at the cafe. It was now early in the morning, about 3am, but none of them were really tired. They didn't want to bother their boyfriends or their new friends by trying to find something to do, so they decided to get tea.

   "God, is Soohyun great or what?"

   "He's a really good leader. I like him a lot."

   "Right up there with Leeteuk and Onew, right?"

   "Oh yeah!"

 They all clinked glasses and cheered again, sipping excitedly. Ama spoke first, trying to control the rising pitch of her voice. "Kevin decided we were going to Gyeongpo beach."

   "But, umma, cats don't like water."

   "Ha! He's not getting me in it!"
Ama chuckled evilly. "I'm bringing my camera and I'm taking some good shots...they may or may not include him."

   "He won't take off his shirt, Ama. What are you going to do?"

   "I saw his bathing suit the other day..."
Ama's voice got really low, like it was a secret. "They're plain shorts but the shirt has a duck on it."

Val and Neko died laughing in the booth, almost spilling their drinks.

   "Dont laugh, goddammit! I'm dating a four year old!"

   "Oh God...oh man..."
Val wiped a tear. "Well...I want pictures anyway. They will be pretty cute."

   "Me too."

   "Val, where are you going?"

   "Actually, Eli wanted to walk around
Gwangjang Marketplace. Just for fun. He said the summer foods there are fresh and really good...and he knows I love food so yeah this will be pretty awesome."

   "Ahhh think of all the yummy gimbap and fruits and delicious ice cream!"


   "Bring us something!"
Ama and Neko begged. Korean cuisine sounded really good, especially when it was fresh. They had been eating nothing but Korean fast food and the occasional Jun-cooked-meal.

   "Of course. What about you, Neko?"

   "Seoul Forest. I...can't...believe it." Neko grinned happily.

   "You like parks?"

   "He's bringing bubbles. BUBBLES!!! How can I not be okay with it!?"

   "Small children. We know too many small children." 
Ama teased, looking at Val.

   "Well...we'd better go back. I have to get up kinda early if I want good lighting before it gets cloudy."

   "We'll come with you. It's...Ama's turn to pay?"

   "No, its Val's!"

   "Neko, I think its your turn."

   "Are we ready to leave?"
The waitress clicked over in her heels and brought refilled drinks in to-go cups. The trio all eyed her suspiciously.

   "We...we haven't paid yet..."

   "That's alright. Three kindly gentlemen were in here earlier and paid for you."

 The trio looked at each other and suddenly smiled. "Well, if you see them,please dont hesitate to thank them for us."

   "My pleasure. Have a nice day!"

 They packed up and left, happily walking across the street back to the dorm

   "Guys, this is going to he a really good summer."


   ["Hyung? Do you think those girls will be surprised when they see we paid for them?"]

  ["I'm just surprised Hyuk-jae paid at all!"]

   ["Hey!"] Hyuk-jae blushed a bit, hitting Kyuhyun in the shoulder. Donghae laughed and put his arms on either side of his friends. ["Chill out you guys, their faces must have been priceless. I feel pretty good."]

   ["Well, the one had purple hair like me. She was obviously a fan."] Hyuk-jae smiled.
Kyu rolled his eyes. ["I liked the one with long black hair. She looked..."]



   ["I was going to say pretty but whatever. Donghae was surprising that he even took notice of any girl, he's always stuck up Hyuk's butt."]

   ["That's probably a fanfiction somewhere, okay!? Shut up!"] Donghae tried to trip the maknae and ended up tripping over himself."


  ["Whatever, she had a panda shirt. Like a little kid."]

   ["Small children. We know too many small children."] Kyu teased.

   ["Whatever, lets get back before Leeteuk-hyung finds his wallet missing."

 The trio walked off back to their dorm, Hyukjae muttering ["...I could have sworn they said his name..."]

  [ "You're hearing things because you're guilty. Wallet thief." ]

  [ "Aish..."]

This Unbreakable Bond : 2 Summer in Seoul (Ch. 7)
x- I went back to my older fic and used the live places for a setting XD ITS A GREAT WAY TO PLAN TRAVEL, I WANT TO GO TO SEOUL SO BAD. These places are real, and they're so pretty. Look:

Gyeongpo Beach:


Seoul Forest:…

soooo romantic. And I missed writing about our SUJU babies so I put them in there. I gave Hyukjae to you, Val. TO BORROW. NOT TO KEEP. I NEED HIM BACK IN AN HOUR XD

All members listed are (c) Ukiss/Loen Ent, or SM Ent.

   "Eli? Eli..."

 Val walked into the room Eli had gone in, which surprisingly wasn't locked. She looked around but it was empty. The room was huge with mirrors and a big table with speakers, but that was it. No camera. No sexy clothing hiding anywhere.

 No Eli.


 Val whipped around and saw Eli standing in a new tank top, sipping from a straw. The top said "conserve water, shower with me." And Val blushed, smirking.


   "I...I like your shirt."
Val turned red and looked away, muttering.

   "Thought you might. That's why I got it." Eli smirked and sauntered over to her, backing her against a mirror.

   "Love? Are you okay?"

 Val scowled at him. "You're surprisingly calm for someone who just got slapped in the face."

  "Meh. I dont have time for girls like that. Besides..."
He leaned forward, smelling like a fresh shower. He had washed again; with so many rehearsals, he must have done that regularly. "Why do I need her when I have you?"

   "You...YOU WEREN'T THERE THIS MORNING! And...And you didn't answer your phone! AGAIN! And...she, that girl looked like a big huge slut..."
Val couldn't finish a sentence because she was too busy blushing and gaping at Eli's exposed muscle. Eli suddenly placed a hand beside her head on the mirror, leaning on her forehead.

   "I know...I'm sorry."

   "You're not mad?"

   "Why would I be mad?" He chuckled, looking deep into her eyes. The red handprint hadn't gone away yet, and Val traced it with a hand. He grabbed hers and held it there.


   "Is beautiful, I know."

   "NO! Well yes, the hand..." Eli kissed her passionately, pressing her into the mirror. His chest was against hers, heart beating loudly. He kissed her lips, her cheek, her jaw- everywhere kissable (and rated PG) he kissed.

 He kissed her nose and she scrunched her face, smiling. He grinned. "I forgot how much you liked that."

   "I'm so sorry." Val held onto his shirt tenderly, like a wasn't much of a shirt but yeah. He let her, stroking her hair lovingly with a hand on her waist. "It's okay, Val. I understand. Some people you just can't trust..." he placed a finger just under her chin and lifted her face to his. His eyes were deep, serious, and yet warm. He smiled and Val could feel her face reddening by the second. "But you CAN trust me, arasso?" Val gulped hard and nodded before hugging him tightly.


   "What could be taking them so LOOOONG!?" Neko grumbled, head in her hands.
"I'm hungry!"

   "You're normally not that picky, Neko." Ama scolded lightly. "Why didn't you eat at the cafe?"

   "...cuz...I can't read..."

   "You can ask!"

   "I don't like talking to the people that handle my food, you know that!"

   "Oh no..."
Jun's eyes widened. "I cook. What about me?"

   "What about you!?"

   "Shhh...Neko, be nice. Jun's the maknae now, we have to be nice...ish."

Neko flopped on the couch next to Ama in a tidy break room. Ama had decided to hang out there in case anyone famous came in. Fangirl tactic numero uno.

   "I'm hangry, that's all."

Jun looked at her, puzzled. "Han-gry?"

   "Its hungry and angry at the same time. Its her most common mood besides sleepy or ANNOYINGLY HAPPY!" Ama hit her daughter with a pillow playfully. Neko picked a cushion off the couch and swung, and soon they both were play fighting. Jun just watched, confused.

   "What are you doing?"

 Neko's hair had flown everywhere on her head, and Ama blew on a stray feather in the air. "We're pillow fighting! Want to join?"

   "Ah...ahm..." Jun blinked rapidly and picked up a pillow. He ended up using it as a shield when Ama and Neko both attacked him at once.

   "Wait...waitwaitwaitWAITWAITWAIT AAHHHH!!"

   "ATTAAAAACK! America makes a surprise dive bombing move on...whatever country you are."


Ama puffed the pillow over his head and held it there, beating him. Jun fell over on the couch, trying to shield his face.

   "Can you stop torturing our maknae?" Soohyun waltzed into the room, eyeing the trio suspiciously. Ama and Neko looked at each other, confused. Soohyun mentally slapped himself; he forgot they didnt speak a lot of Korean.

   "He', beat ,now...wait wait..." Soohyun searched for the proper vocabulary and Jun threw his pillow at him. It hit him broadside in the face, and Soohyun shot him a "you will die" look. He pointed to the maknae and ordered "Kill."

 In perfect English.

   "Hyung! [Why!?!!]" Jun screeched as he was ferociously attacked with pillows and Soohyun walked away. They whacked the hell out of him. Literally.

   "Ama? Is that you?"

 Ama flung her pillow suddenly and it hit Kevin in the face so hard he stumbled backwards, only to be caught by Eli who put his hands on his butt for some reason.

   "Woah, Kev, its just a pillow. Are you okay?"

   "Did you SEE her arm strength in that throw? GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY ASS!"

   "My bad..."
Kevin stood up and brushed feathers off of his shirt, turning red. "Its very firm by the way."

   "Shut up."

   "Just in case Ama's into that kind of thing."


 Val peeked out from behind Eli and waved. "Hey guys...guess who made up?"

   "Guess who made out?"

   "ELI! Control yourself!" Val playfully shoved him as she sat down next to Ama. Kevin swooped in to Ama's other side, and Eli wedged himself at the very end next to Val, grasping her hand and rubbing her knuckles softly. Kevin put his head on Ama's shoulder and listened to her talk to Val. Neko was the only one sitting across from the others next to Jun, but she was only half-focusing on them.



   "Are you okay?"

Neko was idlely playing with a stray feather sticking out of the pillow.


 Neko suddenly focused on him and nodded. He stood up and offered his hand, which she took (because she's a dumbass) and let him lead her to the vending machine down the hall. Before she could whip out some money, Jun was already pushing buttons.

   "Here, try this." He held out a little brownish thing that smelled sweet but also smelled a little like bonito flakes. He placed it in her handand she nibbled it before gulping it down.


   "Say magic word."


Jun held it just out of her reach. "WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKISHLY TALL!? I am your senior! GIMME!"

   "You are not my senior!"

   "I am too!"

   "By a day. Which DOESN'T COUNT considering mine is still a day before yours!"

   "Fuck your time difference GIVE ME FOOD!"

 He let the bag drop and she caught it, nibbling all of the shrimp chips. Jun laughed.


  "You eat like a panda."

   "That explains why I'm fat."

   "You are not fat."

   "Yes I am. Where is my boyfriend? I need him for hugs when I feel fat."

   "That...doesn't make any sense?!"
Jun laughed harder, poking Neko in the ribs. "Kiseop-hyung is shooting for the MV now...but I will hug you if it is okay."

 Neko looked at him and he flashed his charming happy go lucky smile. She caught herself blushing a bit and let him hug her, and she could smell him. He smelled amazing, like ginger and coffee.

 No the ginger was not a racist thing. It was weird. But not altogether unenjoyable.  


 Neko looked up suddenly, seeing Kiseop eyeing the both of them. Jun immediately dropped his hands, Neko running to Kiseop happily. Jun caught Kiseop's confused gaze flicker from the maknae to his girlfriend but he hugged her the same, shaking it off.

This Unbreakable Bond : 2 Summer in Seoul (Ch. 6)
x- finally get what you want XD Enjoy

All Ukiss members mentioned are (c) Loen Ent. (I got tired of writing the big long member list (<- DO NOT READ THAT INAPPROPRIATELY)
 Ama felt Neko run up behind her and hug her.

   "Morning umma!"

   "Morning, honey. Hey, have you seen Val?"

Neko sat down at the delicious looking breakfast table; it was American style. "Jun did really good with the American breakfast, didn't he umma?"

   "Yes, he did. I'm surprised.
" She said through a mouthful of toast. Alexander wandered in with a cup of coffee, waving. "Surprised about what?"

   "The breakfast. There isnt like...a crapload of rice and Korean things."

  "Well, duh, I'm the only one besides Kevin and Eli that can make a decent breakfast around here."

 Ama nearly spit out her toast. "You mean Jun didn't cook this?"

  "Pffft, Jun can't even boil water. Are you kidding?"

 She pointed to  a familiar brown jar. "Hey, is that Nutella?"

   "OMG IT IS!" Neko picked it up and hugged it. Alexander sat down across from them, laughing."The guys told me about you two, and this was something Eli told me to get for you. Neko is cute like Kiseop-hyung said, and you..." he pointed to Ama, who eyed him warily over some hot tea. She gripped the cup, waiting patiently. "What did Kevin say, hm?"

 "Th-that you were the prettiest and most talented person in the world."


   "And you had a really cute sense of humor..."

She leaned in, tilting the steaming mug towards his crotch threateningly. Alexander's eyes widened and he panicked. "Okay okay I'll come clean, Eli said you were pretty freakin dangerous and I can see why now PLEASE DONT BURN ME."

 Ama nodded and returned to her sipping. "Mhm. That's what I thought. Continue."

   "Wait, umma, if Nutella is here, then why isnt Val-"


 An unknown voice came out from somewhere, and everyone was quiet until they heard it again.

   "Excuse me? Guys?"

   "Yeees oh merciful spirit~"
Xander moaned back.

   "Can you like...slide a piece of toast with Nutella on it under the door please?"

   "Val is that you?"
Ama tried not to laugh as she got up and followed the voice to Eli's door. Neko came with her.


   "What's wrong?"

   "I'm not coming out."

   "Why not? There's food."

   "Because...Eli's an ass-head."

 Neko exploded with laughter, trying to be sincere. "Why...why is he an ass-head?"

   "Cuz, he left me without saying goodbye this morning, and he won't tell me where he is, and he won't answer his cell, and...and...HE'S AN ASS-HEAD!"

   "I know where he is." Jun mysteriously appeared out of the hallway and knocked on Val's door. It was quiet before Val rasped, "Where?"

   "He told me he was rehearsing for a solo of some kind?"

   "LET'S GO!"
Ama thrust the door open and Val was sent tumbling backwards. "Get dressed, we're going to that rehearsal." Ama shut the door quickly and ran to get her own clothes on. Neko followed, confused.

   "Why? Whats going on?"

   "How long have you been into Kpop, my dear?"

   "Couple years...why?"

   "How many solos have you watched?"

 Neko blushed, recalling all the strip teases from Super Junior that were disguised as solos. "Umhm, a lot."

    "Then you've realized by now that a 'solo' isn't really a 'solo'. "


 Jun drove them through Seoul, not even stopping until the got to the rehearsal center in the Loen building. Everyone couldn't believe how huge everything was, and if it weren't for Eli they would all be enjoying some romantic sightseeing right now. Kevin made Soohyun give them all a pass; Soohyun reminded them of Leeteuk, which was weird. He was really nice and silly but mature at the same time. Its not like they needed a pass, though; while they walked with Jun, so many girls 'oohed' and 'aahed' at the sexy 17-year-old dongsaeng. He waved flirtatiously at everyone.

   "I think it is in here..." Jun found a door that had loud music blaring behind it and wrenched it open. Suddenly a girl appeared, sweaty and breathing hard. She wiped her face with a towel, standing in the hallway in all her petite, toned bodied glory. She really didnt leave much to the imagination as she barely wore anything. Val narrowed her eyes, growling. The girl heard it and looked up from her towel, one perfect eyebrow raised.

   "[You did great, Kim Ha-]" Eli stepped out into the hallway, shirtless, and was also wiping his face. He caught sight of Val and did an embarrassed hair flip.

   "Oh, hey love. What, uh...what are you doing here?"

   "Who's this bitch?"
Ama broke in, seeing Val's eyes wander over Eli's sexy body. Val couldn't breathe, and Neko had to stand behind her to make sure she didnt faint. Ama jerked a thumb at the girl, who scoffed indignantly. She said something in Korean Ama did not catch but she sounded insulted; Ama just turned and hissed at her.

   "Uh, um she's my dance partner."

   "Uh,huh sure. Where are your clothes?"

 Eli held up a sweaty shirt. Ama glared at him. "Why is it off?"

   "Its part of the solo. Val, back me up here..."

 Val snapped out of it and glared at him. "Where were you this morning and why didn't you tell me you were leaving? You could have kissed me or something!"

   "But you look so cute when you sleep, love."

 "Aww..." Ama stepped on her foot as she lost focus, and she snapped back into her outrage. "Ahem, a likely story! ...put your shirt back on I can't focus..."

 Eli bit his lip at her, winking and knowing she was dying inside. Ama stomped the hell out of his foot and he yelped, the girl stepping protectively forward. Neko stepped up to meet her, growling; surprisingly they were the same height. Jun put his hand on both their shoulders, stepping between the chaos.

   "Yah, ladies! Ladies! Relax..."

  "Dont tell me to relax! I'll bite you!"
Neko snapped.

 Val glared at the girl. "I dont trust this [skank]..."

Eli gasped, eyes widening. "She's my dance partner! You can't just..." he felt a tap on his shoulder, turned around, and was met with a hard slap in the face. The girl pursed her lips angrily and turned away, heels clicking, carrying her clothes with her. Jun grabbed Val the split second she leapt forward and tried to charge the girl, hands working in a choking motion as she cursed in so many languages.

 Eli stood there, hand coming to his face. There was a red hand print already forming just under his eye, but his pride looked more wounded than anything else. Val watched as he walked back into the room and closed the door quietly.


 Jun had shown everybody the company cafe, something they all really needed at that moment. They sat in a booth in the corner, but still every girl there was always smiling and waving at Jun.

   "We really dont need all this unneeded attention right now, Jun..." Ama growled, noticing people staring at them, especially Val who was freaking out so much her coffee cup was shaking. Jun nodded, putting his hand on Val's and giving it a gentle squeeze. She squeaked.

   "It is okay, noona. That girl maybe was not the right dancer for Eli-hyung, neh?"

 Val looked at him and smiled a little. "I just really want to be alone right now with my friends, is that okay?"

 Jun laughed. "Of course! Bye~" he scampered off and a crowd of girls followed closely behind.

   "Oh shit...shitshitshit...what did we do guys!?" Val started hyperventilating, so Neko had to hold her head down.

   "We stopped a crazy bitch that's what." Ama shrugged, concerned for Val and nearly ready to go back and kick the door open. "You can't trust them, especially backup dancers. They've got nothing to loose."

   "No, but I can trust Eli..."
Val muttered, looking at her cup sadly. "I feel so bad...I dont know I'm just confused. He's just been acting weird since we got here and I thought she was the reason." 

  "Don't read too much into it, Val."

  "I'm going to him."

 Ama looked at her phone as it chimed. "Val, Kevin wants to meet him...where did he say again?"

   "Room 4B." 

Val bit her lip. "If it works out, we'll meet you there. If its just know."

   "Dont run into traffic or anything stupid, it'll work itself out in the end."
This Unbreakable Bond : 2 Summer in Seoul (Ch. 5)
x- HAHAHA I've had this chapter done FOREVER XD I'm in a good mood so I'll be giving out some more soon, hold your horses. Enjoy ;3

Eli, Kevin, Kiseop,Xander,Jun,Soohyun (c) Ukiss/Loen Ent

New chapters coming now... ;3 Enjoy
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I wish humans had some kind of defense mechanism that lets other humans know to PISS. OFF.

Like a rattler. Or a kick ass roar or something. Noooo we have WORDS. Which are overrated.

Im ranting because I'm honestly tired of high school drama. Im better than this, I dont give a single F**K who likes whom and whos dating and who's f**king and JUST. STOP.

I want people that stopped talking to me last year continue to leave me alone. I want people that DID talk to me last year continue talking to me. I want people to understand go away means go away, stop ignoring me means STOP IGNORING ME. UGHHHHH

And I cant talk to said people or I'll combust. Seriously. I want out and into college. I cant...freaking...WAIT
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New chapters coming now... ;3 Enjoy
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