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:iconredheartplz: Lucky you to be featured in here, friend! That means you worked hard and created something amazing~ Good job, keep up the great deviations! :meow:


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   It was the summer in Seoul. Hot, blistering heat. People vending drinks, ice cream, cold soju. Girls walking around in shorts and guys with flimsy t shirts. And couples. Couples everywhere, enjoying summer vacation and doing things that couples did. One particular couple, Lee Seun Ah and her boyfriend Kim Cheol Su, were actually on their way to the mall. 

  Seun Ah grabbed Cheol's arm and sighed, / "Ahh, oppa, its a beautiful day~! Don't you think so?" /

  Cheol smiled and winked at her. /"Not as beautiful as you, miina." /

/ "Aaaw~ oppa, youre the be-YAH!"

   Seun Ah looked down at person in a panda hat, picking up a map off of the ground under her feet. The person smiled and looked at them.

 "Hi! Do you happen to know where NH Ent. is? I'm sure you do because Ukiss is there. You like Ukiss, right? Yes?" 

   Seun Ah looked at her boyfriend and then at the girl. "Um...I don't...English."

   The girl in the panda hat turned around and sat two more girls running after her. One had short purple hair, the other had long beautiful black hair. The one with purple hair grabbed the map and pointed to a big star in the middle, out of breath. "Where?"

 Cheol Su was too busy staring open mouth at the girl with black hair, looking up and down at her. Seun Ah saw this and angrily nudged him, before he nodded and pointed behind him. "Go, that way...that way." He pointed right with one hand. They all nodded and ran that way, but not before the girl with black hair walked casually up to Cheol Su and looked at him dead in the eye. Seun Ah blocked her path instantly.

 /"Um, excuse me, who do you think you are trying to steal MY-" / the girl hissed loudly in her face like a cat, startling her.

  "Umma! Come on!"

 "It's not worth it, Ama!"

 "We're gonna be late!"

 "They'll probably call the cops...who are probably sexy but still LET'S GO!"

   The girl glared at Seun Ah, bared her teeth, and said "If I were you, I'd keep your man-thing...on a LEASH..." Seun Ah assumed it was a threat and nodded nervously. Then the girl walked past Cheol Su, turning and yelling "DOG BITCH!" Before walking to catch up with her friends. 

 /"Who the hell were they!? ...and why did that girl call the scary one 'mom'...?"/ Seun Ah asked, sighing angrily when she saw her "man-thing" watching the three girls walk away. /"COME ON, OPPA!"/


 "Wait until we tell Kevin you're trying to pick fights already, Ama." Val sipped her boba tea and shook her head. Ama shrugged. "Hey, he was acting like a dog in heat, why not let his owner know?"

 "Umma! I like dogs..."

 "Shh Neko, go play with the kimchi vendors or something."

 "I wish it was Eat Your Kimchi..."
Val sighed. Neko nodded.

 "WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!?" Ama stopped and looked around; they were exactly where they had been a few minutes ago. Neko groaned, Val threw her drink down in frustration.

 "None of them will pick up their phones, will they?"

  "Not yet, they're probably still filming that new MV Eli was talking about."

 "Figures." Ama stretched and looked at the map again. "Was it upside down when you showed it to that moron back there?"

   Neko slapped herself. Mentally and physically. "Damn it..."


   They all looked around, confused, as other people walked past them not noticing. "Now what?" Val muttered, shaking her head.



 Neko gaped open mouthed at someone trotting over to them quickly, steering Val's and Ama's heads toward the site. It looked like something-someone- from a high school drama.

Or porno.

Whichever comes first.

   He was gorgeous, and muscley, and was wearing a light blue shirt that unbuttoned at the top and white pants. His hair was black-brown and he had gorgeous, ovary exploding black-cherry colored eyes. They all knew he was talking to them and they all waved shyly.

 "Lost?" He panted, grinning in a concerned way. All the girls sighed with relief; finally, someone that knew English. Or some.

 "Yes, where is...?" Ama pointed to the right-side-up map. The guy studied it, while they studied him, and then he nodded.

 "Oh! house?" He smiled nervously, motioning to the paper and then to himself.

   Ama raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "That's YOUR dorm?" He nodded, fluttering his eyelashes. Neko and Val made a swooning sound.

 "Even if its not his, can we still go~?" Neko whined.

 "What is your name?" Val asked.

 "Oh! name is Jun, nice to meet you. Sorry." He bowed three times quickly, speaking in pre-rehearsed English. Even Ama had to admit that was adorable. Even a little bit. "Okay." They all nodded sweetly. Jun smiled wider and motioned for them to follow him.

   And follow they did.
This Unbreakable Bond : 2 (Ch. 1)
x- part 2 of Ama's birthday presents~ I hope you enjoy this...because I plan on finishing 'Complicated' first before I start this XD sorry!

I have 5 chapters of this already though ^^' yeaaaah...

Well, Happy Birthday anyway. We have the sexy Jun entering :3

Ukiss (c)
  "That's a horrible deal! No way!"

 "It's my birthday, you have to do as I say!"

  "Spoiled maknae brat..." you growled playfully, tugging Kyuhyun's arm in the opposite direction of an enormous scary roller coaster. He tugged just as hard, dragging you across the pavement. Kyuhyun didn't want to cook dinner on his birthday (he couldn't cook anyway), but since none of the other members were around that day, it looked like he was stuck... Until he remembered he had an equally mischievous girlfriend.


 "This ride is so scary, Kyu~! I don't like it."

 "No one wants to cook me dinner, jagiya. I know you'll scream first so I don't have to do it."

 "YOU are going to scream first, not me!"

Kyuhyun had managed to get you in line, hugging you around the waist tightly. "'re squishing me..."

 "I'm squeezing all the screams out so they are ready to come out."



   You were doing awesome so far, the ride was dipping and spinning but that's all you knew. Your eyes were closed, the most effective method to keep from screaming. Kyuhyun was stubbornly quiet as well, and you wondered if he had passed out from all the sudden drops and twists. Suddenly something grabbed your leg, a tight clamp on your knee that wouldn't let go. You opened your eyes to see what it was and accidentally...looked down. You let out an ear piercing shriek as you saw the ground far below quickly rising up to meet you, and then you saw Kyuhyun's hand on your knee. Your fear turned to fake anger as you realized he had played dirty. Like always.


 "I win~ hahaha~"

    You didn't say anything, just pouted and teased Kyu while he finished gloating. You walked beside him in silence. "Jagiya~, why aren't you celebrating? You get the honor of making dinner for a prince!" You rolled your eyes and didn't look at him. He pouted for real now and put his hand on your shoulder.

  "Hey, what's wrong? Are you mad?"

  "You cheated! No cheating, even if it is your birthday!"

   You playfully punched him in the shoulder until he was forced to grab your hands to stop. 

  "Okay! Okay! I cheated! I admit it! But did you expect different from me?"

   He smirked, leaning in close while still holding your hands high. You braced yourself for a kiss, muttering "I want a rematch. On a different coaster. Right now." He came in closer and closer, almost brushing his lips to yours when he whispered "You're on." And suddenly took off running.

  "KYU! Wait a minute!"
SJM Roller Coaster Madness || Kyuhyun
x- Part 1 of the 2 part surprise for umma~! :iconfurytigresse: <3 I couldn't resist this, and I'm sorry I couldn't get this to you sooner :c Love you a lot~

Kyu (c) SJM

but his butt, lips, hair, eyes, and whatever his torso looks like is property of umma XD
Heh heh heh...HEH HEH HAHAHAHAHA! :iconpandalaughplz:

Happy Birthday umma <3 :iconfurytigresse: I have a surprise waiting for you; sadly I cannot upload it until tomorrow BUUUUT you will get it.

And be proud of me.

Because it is something you love XD <3 LOVE YOU LOTS

"This is love this is love..."

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every time I try to do something NICE for my fucking family I always end up pissing someone off.

God damn it Im so mad. My stupid grandparents loaned money to my mom to pay for pictures which, granted she shouldnt have touched, but NOW THEY FUCKING WANT IT BACK AND WE DONT HAVE MONEY AS IT IS SO WHAT THE FUCK.

I wish I never took the stupid things...that or I wish I had a fucking sibling or some shit so they could argue over their picture and I wouldnt be in the middle like I ALWAYS AM.


I honestly wish this was a different situation where I had divorced parents because in that case I would be REQUIRED to spend time alternating between houses. No, here I have to MAKE TIME and its annoying as fuck because I usually sacrifice something I want to do to make someone happy. In this case its the pictures because now my mom is pissed off and says I wont be visiting them for a while. Can I just crawl...into a goddamn hole...

Its always about money. Always always. I'm really sick of never having money and I want a job but then I dont want one because that takes weekends away from other people.

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Okay I should be sleeping but this is WAAAAAY more important and Im fangirling so hard I cant sleep so here I go:

1st (and most important) SUNGMIN IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!! MARRIED I TELL YOU!! ("I dooooo~") Omfg I cant take it Im so happy for him! Sungmin is stuck on the bias list...not sure what number anymore XD but even if it were my ultimate bias I would be freaking ecstatic because he deserves happiness like the rest of us, and she seems so cute and perfect for him. I dont even care about my Minwook ship at this point he will forever be one amazing guy. This is a run on sentence good God XD Also if you havent read his letter to us its really sweet and sad all at once. Im not about to get into what I felt okay. Just. Read.
2nd SW Ent.
SUJU WHAT HAVE YOU DONE XD you make ONE JOKE and now we are seriously considering making Shisus our savior. There was a joke that Siwon could buy SM because he's so rich (duh) but now I feel that if he did, it would be an awesome thing. I would just be worried that he would have to quit SUJU and I will NOT have that. But think:
-EXO would be back together (Im leery of the fandom because of that long...LOOONG list of saesang mishaps but theyre a great group)
-Hangeng would come back  (You know he would dont even lie)
- Kibum would come back
- Jessica would be all "well fauk we got a sexy CEO lemme holla at chu" (XD) and come back with her hubby too.
-Heechul would go to church XD



Lee Joon is leaving MBLAQ to pursue acting.

COME BACK I LOVE YOU XD Gawd I freaking like Mblaq Mostly because if anybody talks shit about Kpop being little skinny asian non may thing I could be all "3 words...LEE. F*CKING. JOON." And flash the abs of death. But he is really funny Im gonna cry.


Last (kinda serious)

What is it with people saying Hyukjae is ugly? DO I NEED TO BREAK OUT MY FOLDERS FULL OF SEXY HYUKJAE. DO I!?!?

That upsets me. Alot. I read about it how on a variety show he was panicking over a bad photo of himself. There was a big thing after that about him being called the ugliest member.

Are you people blind? -_- He has the gummy smile which makes him adorable. Okay, bias checklist-

If I have:
A)seen up your NOSE (which I have)
B)watched you drool all over yourself
C) seen the fuzz all over your flat belly before the abs
D) been envious of your hair ever since the beginning of TIME
E) seen your freaking tiny legs that are SHAVED
F) Watched you shave your hairy armpit and be upset about it XD
G) seen your long hair-covered toes (this guy has a lot of hair in places it shouldnt be XD)

-and STILL love you as my bias!? Youre GOOD XD not UGLY

Lest we not forget the looooooooong list of reasons why we like him beyond physical looks.

So suck it.

Im going to bed.

Damn fandoms...

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Heh heh heh...HEH HEH HAHAHAHAHA! :iconpandalaughplz:

Happy Birthday umma <3 :iconfurytigresse: I have a surprise waiting for you; sadly I cannot upload it until tomorrow BUUUUT you will get it.

And be proud of me.

Because it is something you love XD <3 LOVE YOU LOTS

"This is love this is love..."

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