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Guys guys guuuuys

I picked my college. I PICKED MY COLLEGE!!!! *squee* I'm like  flurry of emotions here!

University of South Florida <- GOOGLE THAT SHIZ 

Im going to be a Bull!!! I freaking love this school, its clubs rock and it has so many job opportunities its impossible NOT TO GET ONE. 

Also I plan on moving to Florida on June 1st, I'm flying and shipping my stuff. Hopefully I will have enough money for a laptop by then and then...OH YES ONLY THEN shall I be 100% active. I'll also be moving into my aunts house and moving all the stuff OUT of the spare room she has. And then its mine...ALL MINE AHAHAHAHAHA :evillaugh:

Im really going to miss everybody at my job. :c they are all like one big, helpful, funny, butt obsessed family XD I love the people that took me in firsthand and just everyone in general feels like a part of my life now. I pink work one day this week and it feels like it hurts still. -_- oh well. 

Last, final, horrible thing before I turn in for the night.

Choco died :c #RipChoco I will get pictures asap so you can see, but she is gone. I want to hug Eunhyuk so badly right now I cried so hard for him. Poor Choco. How old was she? Does anyone know!? She was with him when he was a child she must be very old. SEND HUGS 
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  Kiseop was having a panic attack, having listened to what Alexander had told him about the messages. His face was plastered with a mixture of fear and worry, but with hints of anger and vengeance. They were running around, looking for SOMEBODY. Kiseop leaned against the elevator wall, sliding down to the floor. Alexander kicked him in the ass.

 "Get up, idiot! What are you doing!?"

 "I can't run anymore...I can't...I don't know what to do!"

Alexander breathed deeply and slowly, trying to calm down. "Think. How can we fix this?"

 "What were the messages again?"

   Xander thought hard. "Um...Do not message me. We are done. Go away.'

  Kiseop suddenly looked at him. "Did any of them mention her?"

 "Um...something about
'My girlfriend does not want you.'

   Kiseop suddenly a stood up and grabbed him. "I sent that message to JUN! How did it get to Neko!?"

 "I don't KNOW!!!"

 "Shit...shit shit shit! AAAAUGH!"  Kiseop bolted out of the elevator and ran smack into Eli. The people in the lobby all whipped around to stare at the two dazed and confused men, and Xander quickly pushed them to the exit to make sure no one recognized them before it was too late. They were standing in the middle of the street, the roads blocked off from anybody trying to sneak in that wasn't invited. It was nearly empty for blocks on end, and they all stood breathing heavily.

 "Eli! What the hell!?"

 "I can't find Val! Kevin said she had gone home!"

 "I never said that." Kevin walked over to them, hand in hand with Ama. They were both confused, looking from each other to Eli and back.

 "What lies are you saying now?" Ama barked. Eli swallowed his own fear for a second and looked at Kevin.

 "You said Val left because she was mad at me!"

 "I did not! Who told you that!?"


   Kevin grit his teeth and squeezed Ama's hand in anger. "Jun? JUN just tried to put the moves on MY girlfriend!"


   Ama nodded. "Where is he anyway!? I'd LOVE to get my claws into him!"

   Eli mumbled, shuddering. "Even so, I hope for his sake we never find him."

 "Wait, wait, we need to find Val first!"

   Suddenly Eli's phone rang. Everyone a stood frozen when Eli pulled it out. Kiseop's name flashed on the screen.


Val's scared voice echoed in the phone. There were loud bangs from her side, too.

 "VAL!!!" Eli almost fainted with relief. "WHERE ARE YOU!?"

 "I'm locked in one of the men's bathrooms! There are so many drunk guys outside the door banging on it wanting to get in, I can't think! Help!!!"

 "How are you locked in? Who did this!? I'll get them!"


   Everyone exchanged glances, nothing but the sound of far away traffic and Eli's phone.

 "Eli..." Val whined.

 "Yes love? I'm coming to get you, hang on."

 "If you encounter Jun on your way here, punch him again for me!"

 "...again? I never did before?"

 "I did! Eli, don't take credit for me!
" Kevin snapped angrily at him.

   Val sounded confused. "Wait...he told me Eli did."

 "He told me he fell by the pool...waitaminute-"

 "KEVIN DID WHAT!?" Everyone suddenly yelled, looking at the tiny framed figure. Kevin glared at all of them.

 "Yes. I did. He tried stealing Ama! That gets people, ya know, killed."

 "He tried stealing me too. Thats why I'm in here. He must have locked the door for good when he left."
Val growled. Eli clenched the phone in a vice grip, trembling with rage. He took off running back inside to the nearest mens room, kicking it open and then darting off up the stairs to the next floor. Everyone followed him, Kiseop dragging Alexander along.

 ["We're going too?"]

   Kiseop nodded, gritting his teeth.[ "If we find Val, we find my phone. Then I can get to the bottom of all this."]


   The building didn't make finding Val easy. Every floor looked the same, with so much squarefeet of identical layout and hallways everywhere. And drunk guys, stumbling all over to find the bathrooms. They reached the 29th floor, Eli still valiantly struggling to find Val or Jun. Whoever came first. He was always 20 feet ahead, everyone trying to keep up. He was unstoppable.

   Kiseop and Alexander took up the lead right behind Eli. When Eli rounded a corner in one direction, they went the other way. Kiseop stopped a minute, breathing heavily.


[ "Yeah?"]

 ["I'm scared..."]

 ["Jun's not that scary, Seop. Its okay, I think you can take him. If Kevin can, you got this."]

[ "No."]
Kiseop stopped and clenched his fist, punching the nearest door. He let tears come, angry ones, and he didn't care who saw at this point. He screamed. ["If he did this to Ama and Val, who knows what he's doing to Neko!? What if I'm too late!?!? Xander I wont be able to forgive myself!!!"] He banged on the door with one fist angrily until he was red. 

 "If someone bangs on this goddamn door ONE MORE TIME!"

   Kiseop reeled back, then put his ear to the door.

 "V-Val-san!? Is this you!?" He said in English.


   Kiseop and Xander yelled loud as they could, screaming for Kevin, Ama,and Eli. Eli thundered down the hallway and jiggled the door handle. It didn't budge, and the electronic lock next to the door glowed bright red.

 "Val! Its me!"

Her voice squeaked with happiness. "Yay!!!"

 "Step back from the door. I'm going to bust it down."

 "That only works in movies."

Eli smirked even though she couldn't see it. "You dare underestimate me? And how much I love you?" Eli had a surprisingly high kick and strength in his legs, as everyone knew (the poor piñata). Eli concentrated mostly on the lock next to the door, knowing the knob would be useless if the internal mechanism for locking it wasn't in the door. He kicked hard, once, and they heard a popping sound. He kicked again, and the drywall cracked in places around the box. The light flickered and sparked a bit, and Eli kicked again and again until the draywall completely cracked. Eli was able to pop the electronic box out with his elbow, the box hanging on by a wire or two. The light was out, and they listened for a click. None came.

"Guys, I need you all to push on the door for me. If we wiggle the lock some more, it will break the circuit. On three, one...two..."

"Wait, ON three or after three?"

"On three."

"So like, one, two, three, then push? or one two then push on three?"
"Then it would be on two, stupid."

"I'm just checking."

"GUYS!" Eli hollered. Everyone pushed and they heard the click as the door swung open. Val jumped up into Eli's arms, hugging him closely and burying her face in his neck. He sniffled; he was crying too, which she had never seen.

"Eli! Thank you!"

"Of course, love. Always. I will always come to your rescue."

Kiseop picked up his phone and flicked through the messages. Sure enough, he saw the ones he had sent to Jun had been forwarded to Neko, with the extra 'Jun wants you. Play with him and do not call me'.

"Hey..." Kevin looked at that particular message. "Isn't that the message you sent that girl Jun was flirting with?"

Kiseop looked up at him, eyes wide. ["So, is this why he's doing this to us!? That sneaky bastard!" ]

"Look at that." Kevin pointed to the photo attached to the last message, the one with the middle finger. "That's...that's Ama's hand."


"See? The nail shape, and there's the bracelet I gave her back in Montreal. She never takes it off."

Everyone crowded around the little screen, Ama clucking her tongue. "I flipped that son of a bitch off when Kevin and I were leaving. He must have taken that and used it against her. Poor Neko..."

"Where is she now?" Kiseop asked, hands trembling with anger. He fondled the little Rilakkuma on his phone.

"She stayed back at the dorm, remember? She was depressed."

"Then Jun has to be there."

This Unbreakable Bond : 2 Summer in Seoul (Ch. 17)
- Last chapter for a while, everybody :3 Enjoy!

I'm not even in this one, really XD
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)


 "Shhh! Not so loud!"

   You gazed open mouthed at Leeteuk in disbelief. You couldn't believe he just uttered those words. Those terrible, horrible words. That he...

 Park Jung Soo...

 Leader of Super Junior and the oldest of his band members...

was probably never going to get married.

 "But...but how can you be so sure?" You asked, almost pulling your jacket collar too tight from shock. Leeteuk just shrugged, flicking his hair in that signature move he always did that you thought was...kinda cute. Or hot.  

 "I told you, I haven't had time to really date or anything. I'd...really rather focus on work right now."

 "Leeteuk, you haven't felt...something? Anything?"

 "I'm usually lonely, chingu."
He gave a nervous chuckle. "It's just natural for me you know."

 "I could never ever go without some kind of relationship, Teukie. That's cruel, even for you."

   Leeteuk tried to suppress a laugh, both of you huddled at the back of the tour bus in a corner, headed back to the dorm for a night of peace. Of course, you figured Leeteuk would be working through the mini-vacation like he always did. He was right about being a workaholic; you knew he never got enough sleep because he always did SOMETHING. He didn't even seem interested in girls despite you two being close friends.

   You looked over the seat to check to make sure the others were asleep. They were, either with headphones in or just conked out on a neck pillow.

 " can't just...UGH!" You huffed angrily and puffed out your cheeks like you always did when you were annoyed. His loneliness was what drew you to him. All those short years ago you had noticed him alone in the studio café and decided to join him. You had been friends ever since, but you not only wanted to be his wanted to be more than that.

   And you were determined to give everything to make sure he knew that.

 "Chingu, what's with you? Its not that big of a deal." Leeteuk's voice had a hint of 'drop the conversation I'm done' tone, which you knew happened very little unless he was really bothered.

 "It is!"

 "Why? Because I'm not having anybody significant in my life right now? I'm going through a lot with the military discharge and-"

 "Which is precisely why you NEED someone, Leeteuk. It really helps lighten the load. People in a relationship are willing to give you anything to help you..."
You relaxed a little, exhausted from arguing with his stupid, stubborn self. "Believe me..."

 "Is there something you're not telling me?"

   You held your breath, wanting to say it. Wanting to say that meeting him sparked new hope in your jarred, broken love life, that not every man was a hopeless loser that just wanted your money, or your body. But you couldn't...

 " Nevermind." You shrugged and settled back in the seat. You caught Leeteuk staring at you intensely, one eyebrow raised waiting for your next thought. You tried ignoring him, but he had that wonderfully persuasive soft look. A minute or so of silence passed before you muttered,



 "You heard me. Sex. You haven't had a girlfriend, you must miss some kind of sexual intercourse."
It was a weird subject, but you had a plan. If he fell for may just have a chance.

   Leeteuk's hot blush could be felt radiating off of him. "I...well I...I miss it...sometimes but it just kinda-"

 "If you say 'goes away' I'll know you're lying." You growled. "It never ever EVER 'goes away'. Its always there."

   Leeteuk sighed nervously. "Okay, so I miss sex, and I suppose I would need a girlfriend for that...maybe. What's your point?"

   You suddenly leaned in and kissed him. Hard. With anger and passion and all of your burning feelings you had been hiding for a while. He blinked, unable to react for a minute before he managed to weakly pull you off.

 "What the-"

 "You don't need a girl for anything other than sex? Fine."
You growled, biting your swelling lips and pressing your hands on either side of his headrest. "We'll see about that. "

 "Why do you want me to date so badly?"

   You stared him down, blushing, until his eyes widened in realization. "You...y-you...but we're just friends! I-"

 "Yeah. Friends. Fine. Doesn't mean we can't screw around. You'll get what you want, and I'll get half of what I want. Friends help each other out, you know?"


 "If I can't have your heart, I'll settle for your body."
Leeteuk pulled away slightly when you went to kiss him again, and you suddenly got a bit angrier. "Okay, we'll put it this way. I can satisfy your lust, and you can trust me entirely. Why someone else? You know I'm clean and I always carry condoms with me, and I would never tell anyone what we did. No scandal. None."

   You raised an eyebrow and waited for his response, which came with a slow, tentative kiss. You couldn't help but smile a bit into it; it was working.

   You kissed him hungrily, lips only first before poking your tongue roughly out for him to decide whether to let you in or not. He did, letting your tongues battle, breaking away only to gasp for air softly so no one would wake up. He looked up at you, and you noticed his eyes changing. Behind the film of lust was a flicker of something else. You tried not to cry out with joy because you weren't entirely sure yet. Straddling him, you suddenly broke into new tactics. He moaned softly into your mouth when you sat on his lap, running your hands up and down his loose t shirt. Your fingertips brushed two hardening lumps under his shirt, and your crotch was sitting on his bulge precisely how you wanted. 'This shouldn't take long. He hasn't had sex in a while...right?' You thought to yourself as you slowly moved your bodies together. You entangled everything before slipping a hand to brush him from the outside with a hard fingertip.

 "" Leeteuk groaned under his breath, eyes shutting. "Wait...a-again." He whimpered into your lips, you rubbing a slow circle around him as he fought from inside his jeans. He moaned deep in his throat, hands suddenly surprising you by coming around and hooking behind your back, under your shirt. His fingertips pressed into your hips, bringing you both into a grind that sent shock waves coursing through both of you.


 "You missed this, hm?"

Leeteuk muttered, grinding his teeth together. "Wait. Wait wait." You stopped and sat back, feeling fully how hard he was. Leeteuk pulled out his phone and punched in something on his messages.

 "What are you..."

 "We can't do this here. Just wait..."
Leeteuk flashed his brilliant mischievous dimpled smile and held your body to his, brushing his silky fingertips up and down your spine.  




 "Where is Teukie hyung and noona going?"

    Sungmin fluttered his eyes open, looking at Ryeowook with a bit of annoyance. "Probably to the bathroom..."

 "But we just went not even an hour ago. We went before we got on the bus, all of us."

 "Then he's probably escorting noona. I don't know and I don't care. I'm going back to sleep."


 You and Leeteuk collided in a moaning mess of heat and hot clothing as soon as he locked the bathroom door. The gas station had one bathroom, and surprisingly no cameras leading to it. You both had sighed in relief seeing no one even inside and that no one had followed you.

 "Leeteukie...I can't wait anymore!"

 "I know.
" Leeteuk ripped off your jacket, shirt, and bra in one move as you did the same to his shirt. You both had silently agreed to keep your pants on in case someone walked in or you would suddenly have to leave. That didn't stop you from immediately ripping yours open, then his down halfway, revealing his throbbing erect length. Leeteuk breathed with difficulty, the cold air in the bathroom shocking. You blew on it, grinning when he grit his teeth and growled. "Suck me...please, I...I can't..."

   You eagerly pit your lips to his cock, then engulfed it and felt him shudder heavily as he got used to your mouth on him. You gingerly placed your tongue under his vein, flicking around, bobbing occasionally as Leeteuk tried not to buck in your mouth. "Oh God...oh my God..."

 "You're not quitting on me now, are you?" You released him with a pop, not ready to stop. Leeteuk looked like he was in absolute pain and yet beads of pleasure sweat coursed down his face.

 "I'm sorry..." Leeteuk whimpered, trying to calm down.

 "We can do this whenever you want, this isn't a one time thing you know."


 "You don't have to date me to have sex like this. Just so you know. So I suggest you enjoy it."

   Leeteuk managed a nod, gasping as a withering spasm made him harder than ever. You stood up and bit your way around his neck, using a hand to cup his cock and roll it in your palm.

 "Aaaish~ Oh...that...feels so good. Don't stop. Please. Don't..."

   You worked your hand around his hard member, pressing a fingertip to the sticky head and feeling pre-cum leak. You pulled down and up, listening to him gasp and moan but trying to hold himself in so it wasn't so loud. Your hands worked hard on him, massaging him, until he shook hard and came.


" You kissed his lips softly, shushing him. "I'm not done with you yet, Leeteuk. We are going to fuck, right now. Right here."

    You began kissing him again, this time moving down his collar to his chest, to his nipple. You teased one with your tongue, taking your hand and putting it on his wrist. You guided him to your core, letting him feel how insanely wet you were for him. Leeteuk kissed you again, taking the initiative to play around a bit inside you until you mewled in his ear. Goddamn he was skilled. His sped up heart rate told you he was hard again before you even looked down. He cock looked so intimidating just then, huge and red. You weren't sure if it was going to hurt since you hadn't had sex in a while either. 

 "Chingu, are you ready?"

 "About damn time."
You joked, whimpering when he removed his fingers but gasping when he replaced it with something much more satisfying. You had to bend a leg to get him inside completely, but once he was inside he didn't move for what seemed like the longest time.

 "What the hell are you...waiting for?"

 "I'll admit I definitely need a girl for this."
He grinned, looking into your eyes. You studied him but was too engulfed in wanting him to move that you didn't care at the moment.

 "Ah!" He jerked sharply, fighting movement but not wanting to. You beat on his chest weakly. "Move, idiot!"

   Leeteuk suddenly latched on to your shoulder and neck, thrusting in and out with his entire cock length sliding back and forth. You couldn't do anything but clutch on to his back and hang on, suddenly weak in the knees from his powerful fucking.

 "Leeteuk...oppa...Oh my...oh..."

 "Chingu, you're...ah! You're so beautiful. "

 "Don't stop, please oppa!"

   Leeteuk loved your begging for him, as he pressed your back against the wall and thrust even harder. You were caught and you loved it, but in the back of your mind you felt a mix of regret and anxiety. If your plan didn't work, you risked his friendship. Would he stop being friends with you if your heart suddenly denied his pleasure? The thought broke you for a moment, unable to hold on.

 "Aaahhh~!" You came, feeling Leeteuk speed up to finish his own orgasm. He didn't take long, and both of you were pinned for a minute together, exhausted. You nearly cried, but managed to kiss Leeteuk long and passionately for another full minute before his phone chirped.

 "We'd better go."



   The last thing you remembered before closing your eyes was getting on the still sleeping bus and collapsing in a seat. You weren't even sleeping ON Leeteuk, you just crashed and started sleeping. Now, you slowly blinked your eyes open to feel plush covers under you and someone's heartbeat against your back.

   You were afraid to roll over, that if you moved your dream would be over. But when you did, Leeteuk's angelic face lay there on the pillow next to you. You had imagined sleeping beside him, but never imagined he would look so beautiful. You couldn't help but brush a piece of hair off of his eyes. He blinked open slowly.

 "Hi." He grinned sleepily.

 "Leeteuk...where...where are we?"

 "The dorm. My room. My bed. Why?"

 "Youre not thinking about..."

   Leeteuk chuckled and pulled you closer, kissing your jaw once. "What, that? I think I'm good for a while. I'm old, remember?" He chuckled harder at his own joke.

 "Then, why am I in your bed?" You asked groggily, love drunk from that insane sex.

 "Because I wanted to know what it was like waking up next to you."

   Your eyes widened and your head jerked to look at him. He looked into your eyes, all hints of sexual intent gone. "Chin...jagiya. I...I did feel something for you. I didn't want to admit it, but when we first met I didnt want to drive you away by saying I liked being alone. I really...I really dont, I just didnt want all of my pressures on someone else. I felt better that way. But I wanted you, jagiya. I wanted you...with me. To help me." He leaned close and kissed you softly, your mouth gaped open like a fish unable to speak.

 "So the whole marriage thing was a ruse to get me to admit I liked you first?" You teased. He laughed and put his head on yours. "No, but it worked. Who knows..."

   He yawned widely, and you could feel yourself drifting off, too.

 "Maybe I won't be the last to be married after all. "

Leeteuk || Workaholic || XReader
- Okay this one came out of nowhere (SHH. I USED THE WORD 'CAME'. SHUTUP PERVERTS. XD)  However, this one has a little bit of truth to it. It was in an interview Leeteuk had when he came back from the army I think :/ If I find the original text I will paste it, but it said he was usually really lonely and hasn't thought about marriage.

...Sungmin did it why can't you, dude -3- Aish...

Enjoy ;3
" aren't afraid of anything?"

"I'm not telling."

"Kyu! That's not fair!"


   You huddled on the floor, shivering, staring at the fake spider like it was going to move. And it did. And you screamed.

   Then you heard laughing.


   The laughter became so much louder, and suddenly your boyfriend stumbled from around the corner. He held a clear string in one hand, winding it and the spider around his hand. He was laughing, and the laugh you had fallen in love with was also the laugh that usually meant he had done something mean and mischievous.

 "Neh? You called?"

   You sat on the floor and didn't get up even as he stood dangling the spider over you. Now that you saw it was fake, it didn't scare you anymore.

 "Kyu, that's the third time this month! You're going to give me a heart attack."

 "Hahaha but jagiya, its so funny! You should see your face!" He started laughing again and sat on the floor beside you. You crossed your arms stubbornly.

 "Well I'm not laughing. You hardly ever surprise me with romantic things anymore, you'd rather pull mean pranks on me..." you pouted and glared at him.  He smiled.

 "Not true. I had something prepared for tomorrow~"

 "You're just saying that so I wont punch you in the ribs."

 "No! I mean it!"
He chuckled nervously. "We'll go to the aquarium, its really beautiful. I thought about going to the zoo but I think you've seen enough bugs."

   He giggled again and pulled you to him with one arm. You refused to lean on him. "You're so mean. How would you like it if someone scared you?"

 "Impossible. I'm not afraid of anything."


 "No, its true! I'm the evil maknae so I can get away with a lot. No one dares mess with me. I'm tough and not afraid of a single thing."
His voice dropped to a low, rebellious tone before he grabbed you with both arms and pulled you close. He kissed your cheek softly, rocking you and still laughing occasionally. You smiled, unable to be mad for long at your strange boyfriend.

 "We'll see about that..."


 "What is that smell?"

   Ryeowook looked up from chopping vegetables to point to a huge glistening object on the cutting board. "Its just fish, you've smelled them before."

 "Yea but its still gross."

 "Grow up."

   Kyuhyun walked over and looked at the hideous face, pointy and lined with needle like teeth. It's eyes had glazed over and were sunken in, but it seemed to be staring at Kyuhyun with intense hatred. Kyuhyun felt his skin prickle uncomfortably, feeling really uneasy around the ugly thing.

 "Ryeowook-ah, look. Its evil. You need to kill it."

 "Its dead, Cho Kyuhyun. Don't be such a baby."

 "I'm not!"

 "At least skin a few hard fins off for me please, I can't do everything.
" Ryeowook threw the vegetables in a pot before retreating out of the kitchen for a minute.

 "Fine..." Kyuhyun looked around for a good filet knife, which were kept in the drawer next to the sink. He turned around and opened the drawer; no knife. Anywhere. Kyuhyun turned around and came face to face with the ugly mouth of teeth as it lunged for him.

   The entire dorm heard Kyuhyun scream.


   Kyuhyun backed up against the countertop, leaning for support as he stared at the fish you held. You were laughing harder than you ever had in your life, tears sliding down your face. You put the fish down and washed your hands as Kyuhyun looked at you, dazed and breathing heavily.

 "Something wrong, Kyu?"

 "Y-yes! You scared the hell put of me!"

 "Of course! I told you I would."

 "What if I had a knife!? I could have hurt you by accident!" Now he sounded angry, coming back from being scared. You turned and crossed your arms.

 "Don't yell at me, Cho Kyuhyun! You scare me all the time!"

 "So? I can't have fun with you?"

 "I'm tired of it!"

   He closed his eyes, composing himself, before saying in a low voice. "Are you saying you're tired of us, then?"

   Your arms dropped, all heat leaving your face. "...n-no that's not-"

 "It sounds like you're saying you're tired of us. Of me."

 "W-well no...I mean, yes, but not like-"

 "If you're tired of me then we should just break up, is that it!?" He thundered angrily. You wondered why no one in the dorm came down to see what was going on.  Kyuhyun stared at you, eyes burning, and you completely melted. You suddenly felt bad and you walked up to him, hands folded.

 "No, that's not what I'm saying at all...Kyu..."

   The tears started falling gently down your cheeks as you couldn't look any more. You didn't mean for it to go that way; he must have been more sensitive with his fears than you were.

   He suddenly embraced you and put your head on his shoulders, rubbing your hair softly. "Got you~" he whispered quietly.

   You pulled away and looked at him; he was smirking at you. "You had me scared to death! DAMN YOU!"

   He chuckled. "The ultimate trick."

 "Some magician, trying to make your girlfriend disappear..." You sniffled hard, wiping your tears on your sleeve. "That's not funny, Kyu..."

 "I didn't mean to make you cry, jagiya."

 "How would you like for something else to disappear!?" You growled, looking away.

   He leaned down and kissed your lips softly, gently. You rolled your eyes and shrugged. "You're cute when you're feisty."

 "Shut up. No more tricks."



 "Alright, fine. No more."
He sighed, letting you lean on his chest happily. After some silence he whispered. "You know what's not a trick?"


 "My love for you."
He kissed the top of your forehead sweetly. "I love you, jagiya."

 "I love you too, Kyu."

 "You want to know what my worst fear is?"

 "I knew you were afraid of something!"
You smirked, triumphant. "What is it?"

 "My worst fear is losing you."
Have No Fear || Kyuhyun x Reader

I watched a video with Kyu, and he really is scared of fish XD It's hilarious. Look {…} LOOK AT HIM RUN XD

I take random videos and make fics out of them, if you ever find one you think would make a good one please send it to me ^^ Enjoy

   Eli acted like he was relaxing with a drink, but he was really looking for Val. She had run off, and he had tried to call her but no answer. He was really getting worried, mostly because he now looked like every guy a this party from behind. Especially with his shirt off. Damn him and his perfect physique. Maybe she'd recognize his butt out of everyone else's.


 ["Eli-hyung!"] Jun came running at him, shirt billowing in the wind. Eli was surprised he actually OWNED a freaking shirt, let alone have one at a pool party.

[ "What?"] Jun came panting at his side, holding on to the bar counter. Eli saw the bruise under his eye and reeled back a second.

"Holy shit, man! What happened!?"]

 ["Don' by the pool.
" He chuckled nervously. "My slip will probably be on the news later." ]

[" what's wrong?"]

["I was coming to see if Val was with you." ]

["No, I can't find her anywhere."]

[" it is true."]


["I heard from Kevin-hyung that she went home. She was really mad at you."]

["But I...I didn't...I thought"]


["SHIT! Thanks bro!" ]
Eli slapped Jun on the back and ran off in a flash. After he left, Jun grinned slyly and slithered over to where Val was sitting on the other side of the pool. She had been scanning for Eli, but too many people were in her way to see. Jun ran up behind her and hugged her hard from behind. Val squealed, thinking it was Eli, but when she saw it was Jun her heart sank a little.

 "Jun, where is everyon- OMG YOUR CHEEK!"

   Jun pouted hard, lip trembling. "E-Eli...he..."

 "Eli...hit you!?"

 " hurts, Val-noona."

 "Poor baby..."
Val couldn't help but feel sorry for him, but something was nagging her inside. Why did Eli just haul off and hit Jun? Was he okay?

 "Jun, let's go get you some ice and some cool water. Where is the bathroom?"


   Alexander wandered around the lounge at the fourth floor of the building. Even from here he could hear the party thumping upstairs, and he didn't miss it at all. He was looking for Kiseop, who decided not to party tonight. He knew he was still sulking about Neko, but he wondered if there was something else. Those messages certainly weren't like him.

   He pushed a door open to a mini-lounge and Kiseop was there, reclined on a couch and staring blankly up at the ceiling. He sniffled loudly, the tell-tale sign that he had been crying. Now Alexander was REALLY concerned. He ran over to Kiseop.

 ["Hyung...? Are you okay?"] He asked gingerly. Kiseop shook his head slowly.

 ["My life sucks, man. It sucks hardcore."]


["First, I lose my temper. Then I lose my M-Virginity. Then I lose my girlfriend. NOW I LOSE MY PHONE! Can this night get any worse!?" ]

["Neko is really upset st-...wait, you said you lost your phone?"]

["Yea. I lost it back before the press conference. It was on my dresser."]

["...Before or after you sent Neko those messages?"]

Kiseop snapped up to attention. He looked at Alexander quizzically, the look he was hoping for. ["What messages?" ]


   Val and Jun had snuck into a men's restroom, locking the door behind them with Jun's access key so it could open from the inside, but not the out. Val had carried a few ice cubes with her in a napkin, and was getting cold water so she could make a compress and no one would take embarrassing pictures of Jun's slightly swollen face.

 "ow...owowow..." Jun moaned when Val pressed the cold paper against his face. He winced, making Val feel more pity for him.

 "I'm sorry. Jun...what did Eli say? Is he okay?"

 "I do not know. He said something and some guy. In a white shirt."

   Val rolled her eyes. She had asked a casual waiter for a drink. The waiter was very polite, a little flirtatious, but nothing to be jealous over. "Oh my God! That jealous ass! But why take it out on you?"

   Jun sniffled, looking like he was going to cry. "I teased him. I tried to say 'hyung, you are too mean to her like that' and he just...pow!" Jun imitated a fist and whined again when Val pressed the cloth closer to his face.

 "He can be...such an ass! I give him NO REASON to be jealous! I told him, 'no jealousy between you and I', even when he gives me ALL THE REASONS to be jealous. Pretty backup dancers, touching and feeling on MY Eli. Who do they think they are!? Just once, I...I just..."

 "Val-noona? what?"

 "I just want one chance to make him REALLY jealous. So he knows how it feels. He shouldn't have punched you for teasing him over something stupid. I wish it was a bigger deal, like that guy giving me a back rub or something, hehe."
Val chuckled, running more cold water over the napkin. Suddenly, warmth engulfed her back and warm lips rested on her neck.

 "Val...I feel better. No more helped me."

 "G-great thanks, but um...what are you doing?"

   Jun's words came out slow and long, in a husky whisper. "Making...Eli...jealous..."

Val flushed, not particularly enjoying this kind of closeness with him. How did this make Eli jealous anyway? He wasn't going to see it?

 "But...Eli isn't going to see it?"

 "It's okay..."
Jun grinned mischievously, turning Val around against the sink. Val gasped, shocked and frozen to even move as she felt Jun grind slowly into her hips. "I can videotape it~" He held up a phone above them, putting it on top of a decorative plant mounted into the wall in the fancy bathroom.

 "Jun, NO! I can't do this!" Val shook her head, then quickly glanced at his phone again as it rested in the planter. A familiar charm dangled from the phone, NOT the one she had given him from the market. It was a Rilakkuma, swinging in the air.

 "Jun...why do you have Kiseop's phone!?" Just then, Kiseop's ringtone started to play, the phone vibrating in the plant. Jun flushed red, looking frantically from the phone to Val. Suddenly he grabbed the phone and darted out of the bathroom, the door clicking shut behind him. The phone clattered to the floor just before the door clicked, and Val ran over to bang loudly on the door.



 "Dongho, where are you going?"

   Dongho sighed, thinking of the words as he put on shoes. " Kiseop."

 "Oh...okay. Be careful."


   Neko rolled her eyes and hugged Dongho again. "Thank you."

   He grinned a cute boyish grin, patting her on the shoulder. "No problem."

   As soon as Dongho shut the door, Neko felt so tired and suddenly thirsty. She walked into the kitchen, finding a jug of water in the fridge and gulping down a glass or two. It tasted tangy and sweet, and Neko put the jug back before suddenly stumbling to Kiseop's bedroom. If he came in, he had guts. She suddenly couldn't keep her eyes open any longer and crashed on the bed.

   Neko was stirred by a door opening and shutting to the bedroom, then someone crawling in with her.

 "You sure have a lot of balls, Kiseop."


 "I'm still mad at you. Where's your new girlfriend?"

He made a sound like 'I don't know', suddenly with warm lips on her jaw. He pecked lightly, then nibbled, and his arms wrapped over her. and pulled her close. Neko felt like she weighed a ton, and she wasn't even coherent enough to understand him completely or fight him off. Suddenly he was nibbling harder, and she blushed.



 "I-I'm not sure if I'm ready to...take 'that step' with you just yet."


 "Kiseop get off."

 "Mm-mm." 'no'.

 "Listen, asshole, I'm not prepared to fight you on this."

Suddenly, Jun's voice echoed in her ear. "Then don't."

This Unbreakable Bond : 2 Summer in Seoul (Ch. 16)
- Oh the unbearable suspense! I AM A MASTER!!! XD MUAHAHAHA! I should write scandalous novels and live in a one bedroom apartment with a wine cabinet and *goes on a fantasy rant...something about pearl earrings and a vintage typewriter...*


...enjoy :3


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