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   Kevin took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart as he waited for Ama to join him on the couch. He could tell by the loud slamming of things in the kitchen that she was still pretty annoyed, disgusted, and mad at the discovery of the new MV but also with Jun for having tried to take her away from him. He wasn't entirely settled with it either; he didn't think he could ever go to church enough to be cleansed ever again. And being exposed like that? He shuddered, sitting up straighter and tapping his foot. He had to prove to Ama he was hers alone, that he was the man for her. A sensitive, adorable, man, but still a man...sometimes. Sometimes he was Fangirlella. But that didn't count did it?

 Ama put the last of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and slammed the lid. She was fuming. She felt like Kevin had been taken advantage of by someone other than her. Someone else got to see him look sexy and...handsome...but not her? Other girls could ogle him on their computer screens, but she didn't have a say? Kevin was hers, goddammit. She wasn't about to let him be completely exposed. She had to claim him...

 Ama flopped beside Kevin on the couch, leaning against him, fighting the awkward silence between her and her Vinnie. There wasn't much to say, and neither one of them wanted to think about what they had seen that day. Ama tried to block out the bittersweet sexiness of that MV, not feeling a hand rest gently on her thigh until there was a tug on her shorts. She pushed Kevins good hand away, gently at first, then roughly when he did it again.

  "Knock it off!"


 Ama shot straight up, looking at him. He was never this stubborn, not with her. He shot her a look of...something. Need?

   "Um, what do you mean n-"

   "I said no. Ama..." 
he took a deep breath, putting both hands on hers that rested on her thighs. "I'm sorry. There is something that I need to do. I need to prove to you that I am stronger than you think.  I am a man, Ama, but more importantly I am YOUR man." He was being so sincere right now that Ama really didn't know how to respond. She knew he was capable of manliness. Not just from the Mono Scandal, but in the past. Kevin was Kevin, in any way. But she had a feeling she knew what was about to happen.

 Kevin leaned in and kissed her, hard. Harder than he ever had before. He seized her hips and held them with his hands, tightening his grip with his long fingers when he pressed harder. Ama was leaning farther and farther backwards, feeling the seat of the couch cushion against her spine before she knew it. Kevin was suddenly over her, his tiny frame shielding her, his long hair tickling her forehead. She felt a growing interest as a bulge suddenly appeared in his jeans, just against over her. She broke away for a second,  trying to get some air.

   "So...we're taking this thing..."all the way", right?"

   "Y-yeah..." Kevin muttered, fighting to maintain eye contact. "Only're okay with it, I mean."

 Ama laughed. "What happened? What kind of guy backs away from...this!?"

 He leaned over and pressed a kiss on her forehead so long and passionate he trembled a little. "The kind that doesn't want to make the same mistake twice."

 He was thinking of the time he tried having sex with her when he had all that soju back in Montreal. She winced. "Kevin, we had just met then. And you were drunk. I don't have sex with drunks."

   "Even still, I love you enough to not lose you again."

 Ama smirked wider and leaned up to Kevin's ear, whispering "If you do this right, I'll definitely be with you forever, Vinnie." Kevin gulped audibly, arms shaking a bit. Ama felt so evil, but not at all nervous. She wanted to see how far Kevin would go, could he hold up the manly thing? She didn't even care about that, but it was playing with him that amused her. Any bonuses that came with it were just added fun.

 He resumed kissing her, moving quickly from her mouth to her jaw, from her jaw to her neck. He nipped gently, running one hand down Ama's bare arm. Electric shocks prickled all over her body, and he held her hand while branding little spots here and there. She slipped her free hand to his jeans, feeling a bulge greet her quickly. Kevin moaned, much to Ama's satisfaction, as she pressed experimentally.

   "Ama..." Kevin half chuckled, half groaned. "Please,don't~"

She sneered, doing it again. Kevin kissed her again and she nearly lost all focus. Damn he was good. She pressed harder, and his moans became louder and needier.

   "Mmm..." he whined. "God, Ama...I..." his breath hitched sharply and he swallowed she she continued to evilly palm him. "Ah! I w-want you more now the I did then."

"Wait...what about a condom?"

 Kevin reached into his pocket and pulled out a little wrapped square. The blush on his cheeks was growing pinker and hotter by the second. Ama grinned gently, leaning up to kiss him softly. She put her fingers through his dark silver hair, feeling how amazingly fluffy it was. She liked playing with the little baby strands along his neckline because it made him giggle, breaking his focus.

   "Stop~" He couldn't control his voice and it shrunk to baby Kevin in a matter of seconds. Ama laughed softly, sitting up and walking towards the hallway. Kevin sat dumbfounded, pouting a little. She turned to look at him.

   "Are you coming or what?" She said with a seductive flash of teeth. Kevin's frown melted and he tripped over the foot rest trying to run after her.

   "Sssh! Shut up, idiot! What if someone's still he-!?" Kevin shut his door and immediately pressed his lips to hers, wrapping his arms around her back. She reluctantly broke the kiss for a moment, just putting her head on his shoulder.

    "Did you ever think you'd be doing this?" Ama ventured, letting her nails graze his spine.

    "Well...yeah, eventually."

   "With me?"

   "Oh yeah."

 Ama shot him a death look, and he laughed. "I'm kidding, Ama! Relax."

   "Well I don't want to ruin your innocence or anything." She shot sarcastically, trying to block images of those girls from the video rubbing all over HER Kevin. She felt a hand caress her hair as Kevin's voice became a dull, husky whisper.

    "I think that happened the moment I met you." He chuckled dryly. "But its okay, because I dont think I'd trust anyone but you."

 He kissed her sweetly, shyly, barely pressing into her like the Kevin she knew. She felt herself being lowered to the bed before Kevin discreetly climbed on top. They stayed like that for a while, before Ama tugged at Kevin's shirt. He pulled it off, taking hers off for her. She felt so weird, almost defensive, as Kevin stared at her.

   "What!?" She barked, and Kevin just swallowed hard.


   "You still sure about this?"
Ama ventured hesitantly. Not like she didn't WANT Kevin, especially seeing him now. Why he wasn't shirtless more often she had no idea, because even though he was SUPER skinny, he had thick abs and a glossy, toned body.

 He leaned down to her ear, slipping a hand over her body until her skin electrified. "The only thing I have ever been more sure of was how much I loved you."

   "S-shut up."

   "Okay." Somehow the way he said that wasn't like the normal baby Kevin; it was almost like a challenge, like a "make-me". She watched as Kevin slowly, slowly went to his belt buckle and unhooked it, then his jeans zipper...and then he fumbled with that.

   "Please, tell me you haven't done this before."

   "I haven't."

   "That's obvious." Ama rolled her eyes, Kevin grinning with embarrassment as she fixed the zipper and undid it. Kevins boxer tent revealed itself to her, and she smirked. Kevin pulled out the condom before removing his jeans all the way, and then pulling his boxers down to reveal his cock. Ama blushed involuntarily, looking away as he put it on and positioned himself over her. She let him remove her pants, slowly and gently, while he continued to kiss her neck softly.

   "I love you, Ama."

   "I love you too, Vinnie."


 Kevin rolled over in his tiny bed, groaning softly. He felt so tired, his whole body drained from...God he couldn't even begin to think about it. His eyes fluttered open as he suddenly realized he wasn't alone in his bed. 

 Ama didn't open her eyes but she mumbled sleepily. "Morning..."

   "I thought it was a really good dream there for a second."

   "No, I'm still here. I'm very naked but I'm still here."

   "Pinch me, this has GOT to be a dream...OUCH!"

 Ama chuckled evilly as she snuggled closer to Kevin's warm body and sighed happily.  His hand throbbed dully to remind him it wasn't a dream, or in this case a nightmare and then a dream, and he grimaced a bit. As if sensing something was wrong, Ama took his hand and placed her lips on it. Kevin's heart thrummed happily and he settled in her hair, inhaling deeply. 

   "Thank you..."

  "Hm?  For what?"

  " made my first time a special time..."

 Ama's eyes suddenly shot open and her head whipped up, startled. "WAIT WHAT!?"

 The door clicked and they both froze. Kevin quickly threw the blankets over Ama's head and threw the cat head pillow and stuffed bear on top of that. Kiseop peeked his head in and smiled. 

  [ "Morning hyung!"]


   ["Oh. Sorry. Did I just hear Ama in here?"]

   "Ama's in there with Kev!? What!?"
Eli poked his head in with glee, saw Kevin's pale shirtless body, and shrieked. Kevin went to throw one of the animals at him but thought twice. 

   ["NO! No one's in here! She's probably in the bathroom or something..."]

   "She was pretty loud then."

 Eli chuckled. "That's not new." 

   Kevin heard a distinct growling from under the blankets and tried to cover it up with violent coughing. Kiseop and Eli just looked at each other and shrugged.




   ["Oh yea! I forgot! Soohyun- hyung wanted to talk to us. He doesn't seem very happy." ]

 Kevin just wanted to curl up next to Ama and go back to sleep, but no. There was still Jun related business to take care of. He hated Jun related business.

   "I'll...I'll be out in a sec. Okay?"

Kiseop shut the door.

   "Umma? Umma? You there?" Neko's voice could be heard in the hallway. 

   "Fuck..." Ama whispered softly. Kevin threw on some clothes and tried to walk out when Ama cleared her throat. Kevin looked down to see her bra was under his shirt strapped around his little frame. He blushed hot red and ripped it off quickly, tossing it to her.

   "Careful! Bras are expensive!"

   "You're kidding, right?"

   "This one was $25."


   "Hey I didn't choose the boob life, alright!?"


 Soohyun looked like an angry father about to discipline his children. His arms were crossed and he sat looking at Eli, Kevin, Kiseop, Jun, and Dongho seated on the couch. Xander hung around, but he too avoided Soohyun's gaze and tried to look like he was busy. Hoon just stayed in his room, occasionally peeking out to see what was going on. The three girls huddled quietly in the kitchen with breakfast, not daring to murmur to each other for fear they might lose something from the other room. They relied on their Korean language skills and the elevation of Soohyun's voice to tell them his mood, and so far it was not okay. 

   "So who is going first?"

 No one moved. Soohyun's facial muscles twitched a bit and he inhaled. "Do you...have any EMBARRASSING THIS IS!? Our manager is being harassed hourly now asking if he knows any info about what happened last night. I'm the one that has to tell him SOMETHING so our career doesn't go down the drain! I-"

   "It was my fault."

 Soohyun looked at Jun, gritting his teeth. "I'm listening."

   Jun stood up and avoided his elder's gaze, looking over the other members who all shot sideways glares at him. Kiseop's jaw cracked and scraped from grinding his teeth. "It was mean. It was immature of me. It was the most irresponsible thing I could have done. You guys didn't have to accept another maknae..." he looked at Dongho, who showed no emotion whatsoever. "You were missing a piece that only one person could have filled, and that person was not me. I don't...I don't know what came over me. But it won't happen again because...I'm leaving." 

   "What?" Everyone spoke up at once. They didn't expect it to go that far. 

   "Yeah. I...I'm quitting. I don't really have anything to contribute anyway. I'm not a strong anything, just a weird...mix of all of your talents and not even a good one. So I'm just gonna go off on my own. I'll probably go back to school or something. "

   "Now hang on..." Eli stood up and walked over to Jun. Even though Jun was kind of muscley, Eli's impressive frame made Jun flinch in fear. He knew Eli could punch the fuck out of him any second and knock him flat out. "Look. You fucked up. Bad. I could really fuck you up pretty bad right now but it looks like Kevin beat me to it." He chuckled, catching himself. " don;t have to leave. In fact, you should stay." 

Kevin sighed. "The first step is always forgiveness. I don't think I need any more drama right now." 

   "That video was not like you guys at all."
Dongho snickered. " You sure you don't need me to bring the innocence back with my cute pudgy face?"

   "Shut up."
Xander elbowed him playfully. 

   "But...why do you want me to stay? After everything?"

   "I want you to stay..."
Kiseop stood up, eyes flaming. He strode up to Jun, sizing him up, teeth grit. "I want you to stay and look me in the eyes every day. I want to be the reminder of what you almost did. I want you to regret every second of it..." He growled, and suddenly everyone's budding smiles flattened on their lips. "And I want you to earn your forgiveness."

 Soohyun had been listening to this and had almost stepped between the two but hesitated. This wasn't a bad idea. Jun swallowed hard, suddenly dropping to a bow on the ground. His hands and knees were evenly spread on the floor and his head touched the cold tile. Suddenly a weight appeared on his back and he was suddenly flattened all the way. 


 Neko sat on his back and rocked back and forth hearing the bones pop and Jun groan in agony. Ama and Val appeared and stood next to their boyfriends looking down at Jun. 

 Val cleared her throat. " will take some time before we recover."

   "Not gonna happen." 



 Neko stood up and ran over to Kiseop, hugging him hard around the waist. He put his arm protectively around her. 

   "Buuuuuut we're a little bit harder to please then your band mates." She smiled evilly. 

 Jun flushed red and his face was anything but relieved. "I'm scared."

   "You should be."
Ama spat.

   "What are you going to do?"

 Ama shot Val and Neko a look as her grin grew wider. "Well, you can start by..."
This Unbreakable Bond : 2 Summer in Seoul (Ch. 20)
x- I felt like you guys haven't had a good taste of my smut for a while XD And secretly...I missed writing it >///< So more should come! 

I felt like adding a smut section to all of our pairings but I might just save that for a bonus chapter ;3 I'm already overloading on the feels. 

One more to go! ^^ Hope you enjoy it 
 The room wasn't dark anymore, but pale blue. Neko just sat ominously on the side of the bed, looking up at him as he entered. He sat on the other side of the bed and just gripped his hands. It seemed like a long time before anyone said anything.

"Neko...chan..." his voice was quiet and hoarse.

She smirked, tearfully. "You said..."

"Look, Jun took my phone."
He forced the words out slowly. "He send messages. I-I did not send them! See?"

He frantically whipped out his phone and showed her all the ones he had sent to Jun, that were in turn forwarded to her. She frowned, laying the phone down gently on his bed.

"But I feel bad, too. I was so naive, so nice to Jun. I...I'm sorry I made you feel jealous."

"Aish~ that word."
Kiseop shook, scooting closer. " not be sad. You are just nice person. You did not know, you know?"


"I am really sorry. I made you very sad. But let me say a thing."
He took a deep breath and tried to sort through all the English words he knew. Neko just huddled, shrinking farther away because she was still uncomfortable.

"Val-san explain this to me at party. She says she found my phone because...this." He held up the little Rilakkuma charm, and he saw Neko smile a little. "It is always here. Because it makes me think you love me."

"I do love you, Kiseop..."
Neko mumbled deftly, eyeing the way he looked at her out of the corner of his eye. Like he was afraid to look at her. She closed his hand over the charm with her hand before leaning in and kissing him nervously. He didn't move for a while, numb with shock.

" I thought maybe you did not." He finally mumbled, shivering when she pulled away from his face.

"I will until you hurt me again."

Now he smiled, that genuine dorky grin. "So...forever, ne?" He put her head on his chest, resting his head on hers. "Because I will never hurt you again."


"I didn't know you could kick like that, Eli!" Val was still in shock and awe about how he completely obliterated the electronic door. She was impressed, happy...a little.turned on but that's not the point...

"Val, I get the feeling there's a lot you don't know about me..."

"Oh please."

"I'm serious!"

Val sighed jokingly, thinking hard about all the time she had heard him talk in his sleep, or joke around with her. "Um...I know good things and bad things about you, Eli Kim. Things you may not remember telling me."


"Hey! You forced me to tell!"
Val chuckled.

"What good things?"

"You like Red Bull...and shopping...and you have one tattoo, on your foot."
She nudged his foot with her own and he kicked at her gently.

"Those are boring."

"I know you think girls love a guy that can cook, which is why you do it."

"Okay, that one I KNOW is true." Eli closed his eyes and grinned. "What bad things then? There isn't a lot."

"I know why you are nervous whenever you go to China."
She said quietly, trying to ease that into the conversation while trying not to destroy the mood. He sighed a little. "Didn't I call you one night a few months ago, when we did a press conference there?"

"Yes because it was 4am in Montreal. Not many people call me that early in the morning and live."

He laughed weakly. "Yea...I felt a bit nervous going back there and I just...I needed someone."

"I am that someone."

"What else do you know!?"

"I also know you're afraid of the dark! And so many other things! But because I love you I will find out more things."

He rolled over in the bed, propping himself up with an arm. He took Val's hand as she lay on her back. Then he slowly edged himself closer to her ear until she felt the tickling sensation on her skin. She blushed.

"Did you find out how much I loved you? Or is that still something you need to figure out?"

"I will ask the door you just damaged. It can tell me."
She chuckled, letting him intertwine his fingers in hers as he put his head on her pillow. She stared at the ceiling, deep in thought, feeling a strange sensation she couldn't place.


Ah. There it was.

"What if I told you that...that I knew a way you could find out more things...faster?"

"AaaaH~ interrogation methods? Or secret kinks? I shall find out."
Val giggled. But Eli didn't laugh, which caused a sudden frozen feeling to wash over her once warm and fuzzy sensation.

"Eli? What's wron-"

"I want you to stay."

It was dead quiet. For what seemed like forever. Val could hear Eli's heart thundering in his chest right next to her, and his breathing quickened. 

"I know its a lot to ask, at once. But I promise...there's a reason I want you to stay."

" love me?"

"Because I love you so much I want you to marry me."

Val sat straight up as Eli jumped straight out of the bed. "God! I have such horrible timing!" 

"Eli wait a sec!"

Val got up and followed his form in the dark room, which was hard to do. Suddenly he tripped on a sock (or what he hoped was a sock) and went tumbling into the nearest wall. With a squeak, Val followed and landed on him. Her elbow landed squarely on his ribs and his attempt to catch her only managed to place his hands on her butt. In the end they managed to just crumple to the floor, just exhausted and embarrassed. It was silence again before Val started to giggle, which suddenly turned into a full fledged cackle. Eli followed, swiping his slick hair out of his now red face. They tried to cover their mouths and stomach but couldn't, the laughter just kept coming. 

"We...we are just a mess..." 

"Jesus my ribs hurt so bad."

"I think I broke one, Eli I'm sorry!"

"With your puny elbow? Please."

Val stopped laughing and shot him a smirk. "Puny!? HOW DARE YOU!" and she suddenly jumped on his lap. Her hands curled into claws and she gently pretended to scratch him. She latched her teeth into his shoulder while his hands did nothing but magnetize to her shoulders in an effort to pull her off.

"OwowowOW! I thought the biting was Ama's thing!?" 


"Kevin's gonna enjoy that more than I am-OW!  LET GO YOU CANNIBAL!"
He said through a fit of laughter before managing to push her onto the floor. He crawled over her and sat on her legs so she couldn't do anything but lay on her back and stare directly into his eyes. Even in the dark they glittered. 


"Go ahead and say no. I suck at timing."

"I was going to say yes."


Val wriggled underneath his big body and casually put her hands on his chest. "Well, the thing is...I've been meaning to move for a while now. My job blows, I'm out of school, and I really have nothing to do. Besides, I love Korea. I love everything about it. The day we went on our date was just...just the beginning of what I want to explore with you." 

Eli just kind of...slumped on her boobs for a second, his arms giving way. Val instantly wanted to push him off but just laughed instead. 

"Okay, not the response I was looking for but okay."

"I'm just so happy...I'm happy that my next goodbye to you is my last."

This Unbreakable Bond : 2 Summer in Seoul (Ch. 19)
- *cue evil laughter*

*causally pushes box of tissues towards you*

X3 Enjoy this as I try to edit the trash I have been saving lol More coming soon! but first, PRESENTS! AND SLEEP 

Mature Content

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 The dorms were almost...too quiet.

 Xander tried to keep Kiseop from running, which was nearly impossible. But they wanted to actually catch Jun in the act this time, all of them. Everyone was literally fuming with rage as they got nearer and nearer to the door.

They stood in the living room quietly, waiting to hear something. Anything. It was completely dark.

Then a light switch clicked and here stood Jun in Kiseop's doorway, leaning on the door frame in nothing but shorts. He pretended like he was casually sizing them up, smirking.

   "Welcome back."

   ["YOU SON OF A BITCH!"] Kiseop screamed with rage; Eli had to hold him back, but he was more than ready to jump in and beat his ass. Kevin held Ama back, and Xander had to grab Val as she made frothing angry animal sounds.

 Jun pouted, looking at them. "Aw, but I like games. You know this, right hyung?" He looked at Eli, Kevin, and Kiseop slowly. "This was a good game."

   "Its a sick game, and you're a sick person!" Val yelled. "I can't believe I was actually nice to you!"

   "Same here! You fucking liar, I should have let Neko roll over on your balls when we apologized to you." Ama growled.

   "Speaking of..." Eli mumbled. "Where is she?"

 A grin spread across Juns face suddenly. An evil, knowing grin. He cocked his head to the inside of Kiseop's bedroom. "I said I like games. I win."

 Horror spread across Kiseop's face and he stopped struggling before sinking to the ground. Eli glared at Jun. Kevin held Ama so tightly he though his arms were going to snap. Her and Val were kicking and screaming with so much rage, they were growling and rasping like demons.

   "Jun, youre lying." Kevin couldn't even get the words out of his mouth without shock coming out. "You wouldn't...not her."

   "It is not like she DIDN'T want it." He  chuckled, looking at Kiseop crumpled on the floor; their eyes pierced each others. "After all..." he paused, smirking, "she thought I was someone else."

  "Jun, WHAT THE HELL!?!"
Eli was furious. "We were nice to you, and stuck up for you, why are you doing this!?"

   "BECAUSE!" Jun's face snapped back to anger. "I wanted Sun Ye! You knew this! You made her not like me, I know you did that! Why can't I be loved, hyung!? Why do you get beautiful girls and I can't!?!?!?" Jun was in a hostile rage, which looked more like a temper tantrum.

   "Jun, we didnt do anything. She was just stuck up, she tried to ask all of us and we said no! Jun she didnt like you and we were just trying to help you! I swear!"

Jun was crying hot tears now, which was really just as scary as him being angry. "All lies! I can and WILL have all the women I want!"


 Jun stood dazed before falling to the floor at everyone's feet. Ama managed to twist free of Kevin for a minute and kick Jun square in the chest before Kevin wrenched her body backwards again.

   "Shit! I was aiming for his throat!"

 The culprit twirled a frying pan, emerging from the dark room and stepping over Jun to bow low in front of everyone.

Kevin gasped, shivering now. Eli couldn't believe his eyes, and neither good Xander. Kiseop stared wide eyed from the floor.


   "Dongho, what are you...what is..."

   ["I am back from studies to visit. I missed everybody..."]
He looked so sad, and Val gave a little 'awwww' at his puppy dog eyes. She shook her head really fast then. "Waaaait a minute, how do we know you aren't a psychopath like Jun!?"

 Dongho looked very confused, but he understood the 'like Jun' part and nodded. "Neko is here, she is okay." He pointed to Jun's room, and she emerged yawning and stretching.

   "Ugh I feel like butt...oh hey guys!" She mumbled sleepily. She stopped mid yawn and saw Jun on the floor. "WOAH, what happened here, Dongh-!"

Kiseop could barely stand up, running to her and squeezing her tightly. Neko hugged him back awkwardly.

   "Kiseop!? But I I was...WHAT THE FUCK!?"

Kiseop contentedly stroked her hair before looking at her. "Did he...?"

 Neko looked around. "Um...I'm confused."

   "Jun tried breaking everybody up."
Xander broke in, trying to talk over everybody angrily cursing at Jun and explaining the situation. "He locked Val in the bathroom, he tried to seduce Ama, and..." he averted his eyes. "...whatever he did with you."

 Neko shook her head in disbelief, suddenly shaking. "I dont...I dont remember anything really."


 Jun stirred, trying to pick himself up, but ended up getting kicked in the stomach by Val. He doubled over, cursing and screaming. Neko took a deep breath and thought hard.

   "I remember...getting a drink of water. And then getting super sleepy. And then I remember Jun, coming in...after that nothing."

   "You was Kiseop."
Jun croaked breathlessly. Neko hissed at him.

   "Idiot! You think I dont know my own boyfriend by now!?" She felt her heart sink, and you could feel the awkwardness in the room. It was like a fog had crept in, and the silence was only broken when Dongho left to go to the kitchen and came back with the jug of water. He sniffed it before shaking his head and speaking to Kevin.

 Kevin's eyes bulged and he stuttered. "W-w-what!?"

   "What's going on?"

   "He says the water's drugged!"

   "How does he know?"

   "He says he came home and gave some to BboBbo, and later on he was sleeping. It happened again and again, and then he gave some to one of Kiseop's rabbits and the same thing happened."

   ["Dude, those are my fucking drugged my rabbits!?"]

 Ama growled. "Guys...he gave us drinks when we first arrived here. Then we fell asleep! He drugged us then!"

   "What did you do to us then, sicko!?"
Val screamed, feeling violated.

  "It doesn't matter now. We need to figure out what we are doing with him."

 Jun huddled in a terrified mass on the floor, looking at everybody. Tears, actual tears, streamed from his face. "...sorry."

   "Not yet, asshole..."
Kevin growled, surprising even Ama.

   "No, I am! I am..."

   "Do you even know what you put us through, Jun!? Over some stupid girl crush? Give me a break!"

   "I know I am wrong. I did not mean do it this far. But I felt better when something happened, and I just...I'm sorry."

 Dongho was just staring at him,not in any way that was judgemental or angry but...understanding. Then he went over to him and offered a hand, picking him up slowly. Jun hunched over in pain, keeping his distance from Ama and Val especially, even eyeing Kevin with a fearful gaze. Dongho retreated with Jun out the door, quickly slipping on his shoes and pushing him out before him.

   "Where are you two going!?"

   "We need to call the police! Or Soohyun!"

   "Whoever has a taser first!"

 Dongho shook his head. "Talk. Be back soon." And then they both left.

   "Maybe it takes one maknae to understand another..." Eli shrugged, letting himself relax. There was a scraping sound, and anyone who was left turned and saw Kevin attached to Ama's calf. She was stubbornly dragging him with one foot as she made her way to the door.

   "Guys!!!! GET THE WATER!!!!!" 

   "I'm just going to the pick up a knife...and then stab Jun in the asshole..."
Ama was muttering to herself. 


 It was so early in the morning that they sky was a pale blue,  barely beginning to light. The city seemed to have calmed a bit as lights dimmed into the rising suns light, and it seemed quiet. Kiseop sat at the kitchen table, unable to sleep and his head in his hands trying to massage away the headache of worry he had all night. The shock of Neko being okay and untouched by Jun was enough to freak him out, but now he had to patch things up. His heart hurt more than anything else. This was bad.  Very very bad.

 Suddenly he felt something on his back, mysterious arms coming around to hug his shuddering frame from behind. He hadn't realized he had been shaking  this whole time, and he tried to get himself to stop and breathe deeply while his heart leaped out of his chest.

   "Kiseop..." she whispered. "Are you okay?"

 He swallowed really hard and nodded, sniffling. Now tears, tears that he didn't even let Jun see, were threatening to fall.

   "I...I..." he couldn't bring himself to say anything and he just let himself sink in to her. She said nothing and didn't move for a while, just listened to him sniffle. Poor thing...she felt so bad and so confused. This was not a Kiseop that would send bad messages or taunt her over the phone. Hell, that wasn't even Kiseop at all. Kiseop was dorky, sexy, sweet and passionate about what he did and who he was with. Kiseop loved cooking and well, looking pretty, and was afraid of bugs like a little child. Neko's mind was just a jumble of confusion. The kitchen was still dark and everybody had retreated to their rooms. Whether they were sleeping was a different story.

 Neko silently put her hand over his sprawled on the table and he twitched.


 They both jolted when they heard a thump, followed by Eli and Val's insane giggling coming down the hall. Neko smiled briefly; at least they were getting along well.

   "Lets go into your room. Please, so we can talk."

 Kiseop heisitated, then nodded before slowly pushing himself up. When he turned around she was already gone.

This Unbreakable Bond : 2 Summer in Seoul (Ch. 18)
- Ah yes,  I have brought this back XD 

I haven't worked on this in a while...actually i havent worked on any fanfics in a while, they've all been excerpts/crack fics of random things. I haven't decided what I want to really focus on, and I think with all my bias members of SUJU being in the army at this time I'll get too emotional :,c We'll see. I may just focus on other groups for a bit. 

Anyway, as a last minute Christmas miracle (ahem), I decided to end this once and for all tonight with the last few chapters. I've kept hikio-chan and FuryTigresse waiting long enough, probably so long they just don't care anymore XD LOL 

Love you both <3 Merry Christmas~! 

(c) UKISS members 
In my head there are millions of what I imagine to be voices all screeching like a pterodactyl...


Because I am just frustrated as hell XD 

Neko has a job now~! With real live moneys :3 Its an electronic store. I originally started at the customer service desk, and my trainer was a complete and total BITCH -_- HOLY HELL. She was so rude and expected me to know everything even though she never explained what she was doing. Plus she acted like I wasnt even there half of the time. So now I have been moved to cashier and I was given a new trainer and everything is a TON better ^^ 


Even with this change, I am still "trapped". I hate how something goes well for me and then something goes horribly wrong to ruin my happiness. Its happened all year and its been really hard to cope and accept any genuine form of happiness. For example:

-Graduated from high school = grandmother dies two days later
-Moved to new state for college! = now cannot attend college until next year
-Mother got a new job! = has now sold the house so I can't move back in

Its these things and a ton of others that get me. So I seem like a constant unfeeling bitch because I cant help it. Life wont let me!!! 

Supposed to hang out with friends tomorrow...maybe it wont work because I live so far. Just waiting for fate to punch me in the boob I guess 

Night everyone! XD 
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151013 eunhyuk enlist By 银赫家族EunHyukCN 1


These pictures cause me physical and emotional pain TT^TT I hate this haircut, I hate this month, I hate that he has to enlist this year, I HATE THAT WE HAVE TO DO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE IN KOREA



Trying to not focus on this. I have to perform Bang Bang Bang with a dance group tomorrow at the college, and I am super nervous 0___0' We've been drilling everyday for the past two weeks and I'm TIRED.

I've been giving more thought to my career choice (little late for that) and I'm thinking about how I want to incorporate photography in my future. (UMMA- you'll be happy to know I designed the logo for our dance group and it looks so good :3 We have it on a shirt now) More specifically cosplay/makeup photography because I love when people not only take pride in their costume but they have the personality to go with it. I love how natural it is to them, like they were born to do it. 


I want bed but first...

I must upload a chapter. LATER
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In my head there are millions of what I imagine to be voices all screeching like a pterodactyl...


Because I am just frustrated as hell XD 

Neko has a job now~! With real live moneys :3 Its an electronic store. I originally started at the customer service desk, and my trainer was a complete and total BITCH -_- HOLY HELL. She was so rude and expected me to know everything even though she never explained what she was doing. Plus she acted like I wasnt even there half of the time. So now I have been moved to cashier and I was given a new trainer and everything is a TON better ^^ 


Even with this change, I am still "trapped". I hate how something goes well for me and then something goes horribly wrong to ruin my happiness. Its happened all year and its been really hard to cope and accept any genuine form of happiness. For example:

-Graduated from high school = grandmother dies two days later
-Moved to new state for college! = now cannot attend college until next year
-Mother got a new job! = has now sold the house so I can't move back in

Its these things and a ton of others that get me. So I seem like a constant unfeeling bitch because I cant help it. Life wont let me!!! 

Supposed to hang out with friends tomorrow...maybe it wont work because I live so far. Just waiting for fate to punch me in the boob I guess 

Night everyone! XD 
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